"Don't take life too serious, you'll never get out alive"
- Elbert Hubbard -

Hello guys, if you’ve made it this far it means you’ve taken interest in who we are behind the cameras, so let us introduce ourselves. 

We’re Mihaela and Alin. Husband and wife, addicted to traveling the world, exploring new places, meeting new people and telling love stories through our images. As individuals we couldn’t be more different but together we make a pretty kick ass couple. Mihaela is passionate about old movies and abstract art while I still enjoy action blockbusters and the occasional romantic comedy :))

We’re in love with untraditional couples that give zero fucks about the opinions of others when it comes to the biggest day of their lives. If you want to wear sneakers with a tie to your wedding, do it. If you want to elope in the middle of the jungle in Thailand, go for it. If your dream wedding is being on a beach and celebrating with your loved ones we encourage you to make it happen. Our point is, whatever you love and how you choose to love shouldn’t be up to someone else. It’s all about you. That’s what sets you apart as individuals, as couples and as human beings. Make your wedding YOUR OWN. We’ll be there to document the real you, unscripted and raw. 

Some random things about us

  • We are the parents of the cutest English Bulldog. His name is Fane (he snores and farts a lot)
  • We love to travel the world but our favorite continent is Asia
  • Mihaela loves to paint and she’s quite good at it
  • Alin recently started making leather goods. He’s a pretty good craftsman 
  • Mihaela loves to photograph flowers
  • Alin is very passionate about making films. Still has lots to learn 😛 oh… and he loves basketball
  • We both share a nice dream of retiring on a sunny beach somewhere in Asia and opening a Cafe