Ana & Catalin - A Foggy morning

Once in a while we all get to a creative blank spot in our brain… For us that’s the sign that we need to do something different, something that we’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have time, or it got postponed so much that we ended up not doing it.
Decided to let go of all those excuses so we took Ana and Catalin to the woods on a foggy morning, where we had some magical light. Long story short, they knocked it out of the park and we had some fun creating these moody images. We know that this type of shoot isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but hey, we’re all different and we all know what we like and what moves us. The point to all of this – No one can constantly be creative all the time; Happiness is in the small things; Sometimes just looking at your loved one can evoke emotion; Nothing beats a foggy morning.
P.S. They brought the pig faced masks and we were soooo excited that they did